Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

How our media is killing our country


And I understand that it is a seriously emotional issue and stuff, and, uhm . . . It came up in conversation with some of my other writer friends, who run the spectrum from liberal to conservative, and virtually all of them said, "You know, this has happened to me with my parents over the last few years, also." As the country has become so polarized, and as the news media and the talk radio audiences have become so polarized, and especially -- and a lot of them, regardless of political ideology, laid a lot of blame at the feet of Karl Rove and talk radio, for doing this 'divide and conquer' thing.

The entire entry is quite long, but a good read IMO. It shows really well how real people are much more complex and 'in the middle' than what all the screaming-heads (what used to be talking-heads) want you to think.

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