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Why is it the people you want to be with never want to be with you, and the people who want to be with you are people you don't want to be with?

To steal someone else's words, love is the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American public.

The good news is that I'm nowhere near as depressed about the current state of affairs as I have been recently. The bad news is my shifting mood has put me on a collision course with another catastrophy looming on the horizon (and for those of you who think you might know what this is I can tell you you're almost certainly wrong).

Having a 'dating pool' that's basically just friends leads to such problems I guess. Unfortunately, I can't find it in myself to date someone I don't have serious feelings for; I can't date just for the sake of dating.

In lighter news, Carmen died yesterday, so now Schnapp is all alone. She was basically mature when Troy got her, so she was probably over 10 years old, and I believe normal lifespan in captivity is ~13 years. Schnapp was born in 1994 iirc, so he should still be around a bit longer.

On the bright side, last night's storm was fun, and I've been putting hours in again this week. I do owe a venerable buttload to the IRS, but I suspect I'll see quite a bit of it come back. Even with what I owe them I still have a fairly comfortable cushion right now, though partly due to a few 0% credit cards. But I've got 10 months before that becomes an issue.

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