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The Mexican Fifth Column

Rigged Protests:
Mexican Revolution in America
The Fifth Column/Jeff Adams April 1, 2006

I found it quite interesting that protests in several large cities across the U.S. took place the weekend of March 25th. These protests were over Congress finally getting around to addressing our illegal immigration problems. What was so interesting is that these protests, where anywhere from 10,000 to 500,000 people showed up, were clearly well organized, and done so nation wide. Whos organizing this? How is it that with the latest polls showing 92% of American citizens wanting Congress to curb illegal immigration that illegals can be so well organized, with close to three quarters of a million people marching in cities across our country, to resist what the citizens want? These protesters were largely illegals, blatantly flaunting our laws, demanding our government ignore us, the citizens, and give them, the law-breakers, what they want.

Here in Houston, Texas, high school and middle school students walked out of schools on the Monday and Tuesday after the weekend protests, marching around declaring their rights were being violated. A number of the students interviewed admitted their parents were illegals, and some of them were as well (while students claimed to have been born here, thus claiming citizenship). Did these Hispanic kids all across the fourth largest city in American, in dozens of different schools, spontaneously all decide to pick the same days to walk out of their schools? No.
Someone or some group is organizing them.

What is even more disturbing than the fact that these law-breakers flaunt their illegal status while demanding rights, and talking about what all is owed them here in the U.S., but in the Houston walk outs the students in general aren't claiming they are citizens, or should be given citizenship. They talk about how they have a right to an education, and to attend our colleges, and to jobs here in America. And all the while they scream about their rights, they are waving the Mexican flag, not the American flag.

These kids, and the people who marched over the weekend of March
25th, aren't interested in becoming U.S. citizens or assimilating. They want what Americans have built here for themselves, without legitimately paying anything for access to it. They want the education our system provides and the income and lifestyle our economic system provides, but they apparently don't want to truly be part of our culture, society or obtain citizenship. They apparently want to supplant our culture and our society. As for citizenship, since they like waving the Mexican flag over the American flag, I can only assume where their loyalty lies.

If Congress folds over this show of force by this criminal class in our midst, then there is no hope for the U.S. to stay afloat. We will definitely be on the path to becoming part of history as a country.
Illegals are becoming more aggressive in demanding things they do not have a right to. Its time our governments at every level got more aggressive at defending the citizens of this country and removing this host of outlaws from within our borders.

The protests over the weekend and at the first of the week were rigged to influence politicians. The fact that these illegals have the shear gall to so blatantly make demands, in an attempt to intimidate Americans, should wake people in this country up. It is time to stand up and defend what is ours, lest the people who so obviously disregard the law and do not wish to become part of us, but want to replace us.
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