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Now I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jumped at Skydive Temple today. Did 3 RW jumps, two of which were an 11-way, and a tracking dive. Had a blast. Sadly I'm still flaring too high, resulting in some non-stand-up landings. :( At least I needed to wash the jumpsuit anyway after sweating in it all day...

The PAX750 is pretty cool. Short stubby little wings on it, but they have a pretty huge chord. One thing I don't like is it's pretty cramped by the tail; nothing like a caravan, let alone an otter. Other than that it's a pretty killer plane. Having tunes during the ride up is cool, and I would guess we were taking about 15 minutes to altitude. They even have something rigged up so that the pilot can close the door after all the jumpers are out. Not a big deal here in Texas, but I'm sure that comes in handy in some other places.
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