Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

I can still teach!

This weekend I went to Aggieland to jump, since heidinoel actually had the weekend off and would be out there jumping.

Since she's still not licensed and I'm no longer a coach, we couldn't actually jump together. In any case, she only did one jump and spent the rest of the time working on packing. She was having a hell of a time getting the canopy into the deployment bag. I mentioned I could show her another way to do that, since I can't do it the way they teach either, but she wanted to stick with what she knew.

Saturday's jumping was done by then, so out came the homebrew, which was a hit. Everyone agreed it was much better than the Shiner that was on tap, but my hat's off to Todd for actually having free beer on tap. Never seen that at any other DZ (not that I've seen a lot of DZs). After beer, talking, beer, talking, beer, and more talking, a bunch of us ended up at The Kettle at about midnight. Yay late-night omlettes and biscuits and gravy.

After driving around looking for a hotel for like 30 minutes, Heidi and I got a room at Knights Inn. That was a mistake. I've been in worse hotels, but not by much. And this was another case where they were serious about check-out time. Though the upside is that at least that got our asses back out to the DZ.

Sunday I made a few more jumps, and Heidi got more and more frustrated with packing. Though I have to say she has the patience of a saint. It was funny to watch her packing; she'd just methodically keep working at it. I would have destroyed something hours before.

Anyway, she finally agreed to let me show her how I put the canopy in the D-bag, which I did with my canopy. Then I walked her through it on the one she was practicing with. She got the first part down on the first try, but I screwed up and didn't tell her something on the second part. But after I re-did the first part and explained what to do for the second part, she got it fine, and then finished the pack job. Now she just needs to pack a canopy again and then jump it. She's got Wednesday off, so hopefully she can go jump then.
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