Decibel (decibel45) wrote,

The Some

This blog entry raises a very interesting point about the state of media in our country. No, I'm not talking about "was killing Zarqawi a stunt"... I'm talking about what he says in the first paragraph:

We weren't allowed to say "People tell me that" or "Some say," we couldn't invoke "There are those," we had to speak for ourselves. This prevented people from asserting a whole coalition stood behind them whether or not it was true, and most of the time it isn't - that's why the "People tell me thats" are conjured up - to try to get others to buy into a weak or false argument by making it seem like a large group of people are behind it.

While that sounds innocent enough in the context of an individual speaking, consider it in the light of the article he quotes. Now-a-days it's very common to hear the media use phrases like "some Democrats" without giving any indication as to who those Democrats are. Meaning that they're perfectly willing to portray a majority opinion to the public when in fact one probably doesn't exist.

But cheer up... at least now kittens have a place to sleep.
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