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Poor traction in the tub

I was in the bathroom doing something at the sink and I notice Wilma is kinda hiding in the bathtub, doing something. I go to investigate and discover she's taken a leak. Maybe I should have scolded her, but I guess I was thinking it could have been worse.

Anyway, I turned on the water to rinse the tub out. As you might expect, she wasn't too happy about that. She went into turbo mode, trying to get out of the tub. But she was so frightened that her claws were out. Of course claws don't make for good traction in a bathtub.

I sat there for a second as my brain tried to comprehend what I was seeing, then I just started laughing. It was a great sight gag; like calling dogs on a freshly waxed floor, only better.

I finally realized it would probably be good to turn the water off and try and help her out.

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